May 1, 2017

Electric & Wire Fence

Field Fence,also called Woven Wire, is identified by the wire “knots” wrapped around each intersecting wire giving it the “woven” appearance. Field fence is more costly than basic wire, but is safer and less expensive than wood, pipe, and other fencing materials. Field fence can be combined with one or more stands of barbed wire and/or electric wire at the top and possibly another at the bottom making it an effective means for containment. The wire spacing varies depending on application.

Barbed Wire is a steel fence structured with sharp points arranged at intervals along the wire strand. Barbed Wire is made in a variety of styles; typical strand variations include two to five strands. Barbed Wire is an inexpensive fencing option that was also the first wire technology used to contain livestock.

Poly Fencing includes polywire and polyrope (or braid). Constructed of a combination of metal and plastic, poly fencing contains small wire strands which serve as the conductors. Woven together with polyethylene, it produces wire, and rope versions.

*Polywire is a good fence choice since it is more visible than traditional metal wire and lightweight. However, Polywire should not be used with continuous output charges. *Polyrope (or braid) is another high visibility choice for a fence line. It has stainless steel or copper strands woven through the rope. The steel strands ensure maximum electrical charge is carried through the fence line at all times.

ElectroBraid is designed especially for horses. When electrified, it is both a physical barrier and a psychological deterrent. It is also highly visible to horses. ElectroBraid is a strong, durable and resilient fence material. A double helix of copper wire conductors is braided into an outer jacket of the rope. This highly visible containment option is available in white, black, or checkered.

High-tensile electric fencing wire is a great choice for containing most livestock as well as keeping predators out. High-tensile wire can be used as a barrier or electrified for greater effectiveness. A great benefit of High-tensile fencing is its low maintenance.

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